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RSR 6001 leather

  • $ 1,39500

This classic bucket seat was featured in the Carrera RS and RSR's and was designated to provide some adjustment to the otherwise snug racing seats. Original covering was made of a Nylon / Perlon flame retardant fabric, at that time a very new safety feature. We now offer the new GTS classics version of this seat has more rigid side support, the option for our duralastic belts and the attachment for the Trips device. Incorporated is more rigidity and redesigned hinges to make the seat more durable for everyday use and long trips. We offer the original style covering in Nylon/Perlon fabric but can provide any custom choice and materials as well as adjustable lumbar support GTSclassics is proud to have these custom seats available for the classic RS and RSR applications. Available in the Nylon-Perlon, or in the Leather, Leatherette and Corduroy application.

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