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Recaro Seat Track Set Flat - Bexco Automotive

Recaro Seat Track Set Flat

  • $ 13500

If you want fore-aft adjustment on your Recaro seat you will need a set of sliders. These are the genuine Recaro sliders. The sliders fit between the vehicle adapter and the seat brackets.

Without Tabs - offers the lowest possible seating position - the total height of the sliders is 22mm (7/8"); the sliders are sandwiched between the floor mount and seat; the bolts install to the floor mount perpendicular to the ground; works with Planted Technologies floor mounts only.

The Recaro sliders are all steel - pulling the handle moves teeth on two tracks which is more secure and stable than a single track. This set of sliders has the bar on the inside of the track.

Sold per seat.

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