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R 6405 Nylon/Perlon

  • $ 89500

This classic bucket seat was featured in the very early racing and rallye cars and as an option in the Porsche sales and parts catalogs. The factory and the customer used this R seat as the first supportive driver and co-pilot seat in the race and rallye cars. The early versions didn't had headrests. We now offer the new GTS classics version of this seat with the 5-point openings option and the attachment for the Trips device as well as headrest supports incorporated into the design.

We offer and build the R seat now with our duralastic belts for additional suspension comfort.

We offer the original style covering in leatherette with corduroy or basket weave, but can provide any custom choice and materials as well as adjustable lumbar support, please chose your foam thickness for the racy look and appearance or a more comfortable style

GTSclassics is proud to have these custom seats now available for the classic R, RS and RSR applications. Available in the Leather, Leatherette and Corduroy application. We also offer these seats in the raw fiberglass finish for the "authentic" vintage look.


This R seat with it's Nylon/Perlon covers is a perfect fit for your RS , RSR,or IROC cars. Remade to the original specifications .

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